What are the Benefits of Technology in our Life?

Technology in our Life Entertainment

Technology is so common that it is considered a necessity with the benefits that we get out of it. Whether it’s the smartphone you hold in your hand, the smartwatch that tracks your health, PCs, tablets or appliances powering your home, there’s no shortage of what technology can do. 

And even as we speak, technology is still being refined with brand-new innovations and inventions that have the potential to be game-changers, like the internet and virtual reality. Thanks to these breakthroughs, we’ve seen tremendous progress delivered to us in the fields of healthcare, security, social interaction and more. 

Let’s look at the current and future benefits that technology has provided us and will continue to do so:

1. Improves Communication

In case it wasn’t already obvious, technology has vastly improved our means of communication. Whether it’s simple mingling, having a hearty chat about our day in schools and offices, or conducting crucial business meetings and transactions, the internet, smartphones and social media have greatly bridged the gap of human interaction and conversation not just locally, but anywhere else on earth. 

To give more credence to the omnipotence of this advantage, the 2022 Pew Research Centre reports that over 85% of American adults (not counting kids), use smartphones, allowing them to seamlessly converse and stay connected with family, friends and colleagues no matter where they may be on earth. you can also use new technology such as quiz maker to create quizzes on social media to build a communication channel where your customers can provide their feedback and you can work on that feedback to improve your business functioning.

2. More Efficient Healthcare Industry

Technology has also enabled the healthcare industry to take incredible leaps ahead when it comes to devising new treatments, conducting consultations and developing medicine. 

No longer will patients have to wait for hours in queues in the outpatient ward and for their doctor’s appointment. Now with simple user-friendly apps, one can just make an appointment with their phone or check to see if their doctors are available in their office. 

3. Entertainment and Gaming Got an Upgrade

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+ are the primary reasons why people prefer to binge all of their favorite movies and TV shows in one fell swoop. No more having to go to the cinemas (for certain movies anyways) and wait in long queues to buy tickets or miss out on their programs whenever something unexpected occurs. 

It doesn’t matter if you prefer watching on your television screens, computer monitors, laptops or smartphone, you’ll never miss out on consuming content. Also, The advent of technology has led to the widespread accessibility and convenience of online gaming platforms. Players can now engage in a diverse array of online games or lucky draw competitions from the convenience of their homes or virtually anywhere, utilizing devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones. Moreover, they have the flexibility to participate in online lottery draws, accessible not only from any corner of India but from any location worldwide.

3. Easily Access Information

The World Wide Web is the world library where some of the most essential, relevant and helpful sources of information are made available from our desktop PC screens to the ones on our smartphones. 

Of course, some sources of information, especially those that are open-ended, are prone to falsehoods and exaggerations of those who do it out of hate, fun, or spite. So it’s always wise to be wary of the sources which you acquire your data from. 

Retailers like Amazon have not only made the availability and accessibility of your favorite reading materials easier but are also a worldwide shopping center where you can acquire just about any item you’d acquire from supermarkets. Even better, you can have that particular item delivered to your doorstep via drone delivery, helping you save on fuel, car maintenance and travel time. 

4. Education Has Advanced

Thanks to the introduction of interactive learning apps, platforms, as well as virtual reality, education has become a more personalized and engaging endeavor than in the last decade or so. 

The best example of this is arguably the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that ensued. In April 2020, UNESCO reported that over 1.2 billion from all over the world were taking online classes. That offered a more convenient method of learning and demonstrated how technology can offer a doable alternative, especially during lockdowns where outside contact was off-limits. 

5. Complex Medical Operations and Treatments Made Simpler

We couldn’t be any more thankful to advancements in medicine and equipment that have enabled physicians from all walks of life to make treatments that were once believed to be impossible. 

Complex operations including chemotherapy and organ transplants would have never seen the progress it has today if it weren’t for the latest medical technological innovations. Now, patients who were once enduring hard-to-cure ailments have better survival chances.

6.  Better Banking

Cryptocurrency tends to get a bad rap due to price fluctuations in the crypto market. But despite the flaws, no one could have even imagined being able to use digital currencies for transactions as we do with Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoins and more. 

Not only can you pay your bills conveniently without going to your bank, but you can do so without any middlemen, avoiding additional transaction taxes that are the bane of many workers. 

7. Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT is the first step in having a near-human interaction with artificial intelligence. Other than that, AI can help generate articles, YouTube videos and art with just the right set of prompts and a push of the “generate” button found on these platforms. 


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