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It’s not pretty words that count, it’s actions that prove what great leadership is all about. Here are 10 things strong bosses should do every day. And not only their scores at live dealer casino count.


#1: They clearly articulate their daily and long-term expectations.

Unspoken expectations and muddled goal-setting lead to misunderstandings every day. Discussions arise within the team and between employees and supervisors that can be avoided from the start – if everyone knows what is expected of him or her and who is responsible for what area.

Great managers therefore ensure transparent communication every day. They are able to communicate their expectations. If they have to, they do so every day. After all, no good boss requires employees to be clairvoyant. To avoid misunderstandings and make the team’s work easier, it is therefore a matter for the boss to formulate his own hopes, visions and expectations so clearly that everyone involved knows what is going on.

#2: You exemplify a hands-on mentality

If you’re a great leader of your team, you’ll be able to put yourself in the shoes of your employees day in and day out when the need arises. This is only possible if bosses themselves are prepared to tackle problems. They are not above taking on tasks that are usually handled by the team. This not only makes it easier to establish a relationship at eye level. It’s also easier to convey to employees that everyone is pulling in the same direction and working toward common goals.

A hands-on mentality includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Strengthening team spirit
  • Showing initiative & acting proactively
  • working in a solution- and action-oriented way
  • communicate actively
  • help where help is needed

#3: They reflect every day on the decision they make

Decisions that affect the company and the future of the team are communicated transparently by exemplary, strong bosses. They are reflective with their decisions – because they are aware that a decision that doesn’t make a big difference to themselves can make a big difference to employees. They demonstrate this attitude every day, proving that the company’s employees are valuable.

For example, if the team is to be downsized and layoffs are planned, great bosses give their employees a chance to secure their future and plan their future career path. They don’t present their team with a fait accompli.

#4: They say thank you and show their appreciation.

People in leadership positions are in an asymmetrical relationship with their employees. This means they have influence and decision-making power. A boss in such a position who is nevertheless able to show appreciation for their team’s work is one of the truly great ones.

That’s why the best bosses practice gratitude every day. They know what they have every day and they’re willing to show it. Whether it’s an early end to work, a friendly smile, a personal greeting, they think about how to show appreciation to the team in the form of small or sometimes large gestures – and put their ideas into action.

#5: They are good listeners every day, not impulsive rulers

Something strong bosses also do on a daily basis is listen. Impulsive and ill-considered responses can drive employees away or into a corner. That’s why employees appreciate the kind of leaders who can control their impulses – or are willing to work on themselves and show it. Supervisors who actively listen and don’t immediately explode are therefore among the best bosses in the world. They know what it means to remain respectful even in difficult situations and to act with deliberation.

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