10 Contemporary Floor Lamps in the Bedroom

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10 Contemporary Floor Lamps in the Bedroom. For a change, I thought of creating a list about floor lamps – why not, right? I’ve been writing a couple of spaces with stunning chandeliers in them, and why not make one about floor lamps in the bedrooms right? Today, like any other day, is a great day to look at fancy bedrooms and awesome floor lamp designs.

Below, you would be seeing a list of 20 Contemporary Floor Lamps in the Bedroom; the bedrooms sure is something common that you’d be seeing, but the treat in this list are the awesome floor lamp designs that range from different sizes and shapes and materials. Some of the bedrooms and their lamps is something that you’d love, for sure; while some you might find common or ordinary, but I bet you’d still want to share the pictures in here too!

  1. A Master Bedroom in White and Coral

Well this is one awesome bedroom to begin with! The white, red and beige combination sure is fancy; especially that they had tons of details in the walls, the chairs and even with the body of the lamp and the posts of the bed. Notice how much prettier this bedroom is because of the dark hard wood floors.

  1. Rosslyn Townhouse

Look at the lighting fixtures in this bedroom and tell me that you agree with me – the large floor lamp seems like the mother of the other two table lamps by the night stand! I mean, that was supposedly a joke; but I think you get my point, right?

  1. West Chelsea

I do not really know if the floor lamp in this bedroom is intended for lighting the bed because there are table lamps already on each side of the bed; but anyway, you can never have too much light – is there? Except for the vases by the window, I would like to think that this bedroom belongs to a man. What do you think?

  1. Brooklyn Heights Loft

Okay, so I would like you guys to admire the bed – its size is quite enough for two people, the arrangement of the night stands and the unique pieces of lighting fixtures on the sides is just perfect. A modern approach to choosing lighting fixtures for the bedside.

  1. Apartment Artist

Now the color of this bedroom is something all young professionals would love. It’s not too light and yet it’s not too dark. The bedroom looks really comfortable even when all we see is one large bed, a night stand and a floor lamp and a painting; I think that sometimes comfort is seen at how much beautiful things are inside the space but at how much rest you think you can have in that space.

  1. Hannon Richards 31st Ave Duplex

This contemporary bedroom is one beautiful sight to see. The colors used in here are fabulous! Its ideal for both women and men and I think even the teenagers in today’s generation would love to have a bedroom like this – comfortable, fashionable and would definitely not be out of style for a long time; and don’t you just love the drop floor lamp?

  1. Asia Brickell Key

I like how simple this bedroom looks but somehow it seems really fancy. Maybe it is because of the colors chosen that seems expensive and real classy. The modern grey chair looks great matching the black lamp and night stand and the stand alone head board sure is interesting as much as the colorful decoration in the wall.

  1. Little Polgarron

I can’t say if it’s the design of the bed or simply the neutral colors used in here that makes me think that this is one awesome bedroom. The lightness of the space is something that one actually feel aside from seeing it and it really does have this nice aura that makes people seem to want to sleep in here.

  1. Clarendon Heights Residence

Whenever I try and find contemporary spaces (especially bedrooms), I always come across a couple of bedrooms in grey or in black and white. I can’t say that it’s one definition of being contemporary, but it sure is one common thing in them. In this bedroom, we see grey linens that is paired with a white arm chair, white head boards and pillows and one stunning black floor lamp.

  1. Delaware Place

I know that the tripod floor lamp in this photo is quite far, but because of its size, you can surely see it well. The white color of the lamp is nice, pretty common but something worth the buy; it goes well with any color combination and goes well with any room in the house. I think that the body of the floor lamp is very nice and the bed frame is pretty neat too.




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