121 New Hindi Short Stories with Moral for Kids | नैतिक कहानियां Hindi Story

Hindi Short Stories with Moral for Kids

Best Moral Stories in Hindi for all class (नैतिक कहानियां) that teach us Moral lesson on how to be a better person. 121 Hindi Story for Kids will help especially young children and Students to raise their self-esteem and take greater responsibility in Life. नैतिक कहानियाँ इन हिंदी आपको यह सिखाता है कि जिंदगी में … Read more

Top 10 Best Akbar and Birbal Short Stories in Hindi

Akbar and Birbal Stories in Hindi

Most famous Akbar and Birbal Short Stories in Hindi. Here we present top 10 stories of Akbar Birbal. Hope that you will like these stories, make you laugh and teach moral values. अकबर हमारे भारत देश का एक बहुत बड़ा राजा था। इस का पूरा नाम जलालुद्दीन मुहम्मद अकबर पादशाह गाजी था। बहुत लम्बा नाम … Read more

30+ Short Bedtime Stories for kids in Hindi | बेडटाइम स्टोरीज

Bedtime Moral Stories for kids in Hindi

Read 30 most famous short Bedtime Stories in Hindi. बेडटाइम स्टोरीज includes funny, strange, and moral stories that helps to create a magical and strong bond between parents and children. Hindi Kahaniyan (हिंदी कहानियां)helps in for good thoughts and provides entertainment. Reading Hindi Story / Stories प्रेरक कहानियां increases our word power and pronunciation. This … Read more

Best Motivational Moral Story in Hindi for Class 9

Short Motivational Moral Story in Hindi

Short Moral Values Hindi Stories For Kids in Class 9. Motivational Moral Story helps you to understand the Basic Concept of life and how to overcome it. हिंदी की मोरल कहानियां बेहतर पढ़ाई करने में मदद करता है। हिंदी नैतिक कहानी में ५० से अधिक कहानियां कक्षा 1 से 10 तक हैं। (1) Moral Stories … Read more

Majedar Hindi Story For Class 5 | Kahaniya in Hindi

Hindi Story For Class 5

Hindi Cartoon’s Short Hindi Story For Class 5 Kids. Read More than 50 Hindi kahaniyan with picture books for the very young, Class 1 to 10. Stories are also useful for teaching more complex ideas, such as the importance of sharing, the passage of time, compassion for others. (1) Hindi Story For Class 5 होशियार … Read more

Popular Hindi Story for Class 4 | Bacchon ki Kahaniyan

Short Moral Stories in HIndi

Read Short Hindi Story for Class 4 with Moral. Bacchon ki Kahaniyan with Pictures allows children to forget the stresses and strains of the day and indulge in fantasy for a while. Hindi Stories with Moral are packed with knowledge, insights into a happy life, life lessons, love, fear, prayer and helpful advice. (1) Hindi … Read more

Short Hindi Story For Class 2 With Moral

Short Moral Stories in Hindi For class 2

Read Short and Popular Moral values story in Hindi for Class 2 Kids. Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. The books they read and the characters they get to know can become like friends. Small story with Pictures is suitable for all age group of children. (1) Hindi Story … Read more

30 Short Panchatantra ki Kahaniyan in Hindi Moral | पंचतंत्र

Famous Panchatantra ki Kahaniyan

New Panchtantra (पंचतंत्र की कहानियां) Short Moral Stories for kids in Hindi. Panchatantra ki Kahaniyan (tales) includes short as well as long story which is also suitable for the students from the all Class. In Panchatantra ki Kahaniyan there’s no actual teaching involved at all for Children, they learn from simply reading the story. एकता … Read more

4 Greatest तेनाली रमन Short Tenali Raman Story in Hindi

Tenali Raman Short moral stories

The adventures of tenali raman stories (तेनालीराम) includes famous tenali rama krishna cartoon story along with other short stories in Hindi. Tenali Ramakrishna did not receive any formal education during his childhood, but became a great scholar, due to his thirst for knowledge. जब रामकृष्ण बहुत छोटे थे, तब उनके पिता की मृत्यु हो गई। उनकी … Read more