Ways To Satisfy Your Escort

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Escort services aren’t just about pleasing yourself or using an escort to have fun alone. While it is not your responsibility to satisfy an escort, going all the way to spend the night to please her might just make you one of her favorite clients.  

All escorts are different. Therefore, getting to know what might work as the best date for them can be tricky. If you too are looking for ways to become an escort’s favorite client by impressing her inside and away from the bed, we’ve got you covered. This post will provide you with some interesting tips on how you can impress an escort and avail yourself of some premium services she might not provide to her regular clients. Keep reading ahead to find out! 

Communication Is Key 

As mentioned above, each woman is different. Well, so are escorts! Instead of torturing and confusing yourself with hints, try directly asking your escort about what she prefers during dates. Not only will this help you know about her preferences, but she would also be genuinely pleased to know that you are considering her feelings throughout the date. 

Another good communication tip would be not to jump straight up to sex when meeting her. Instead, try subtly hinting at it and building up the tension. This would create a less awkward atmosphere and would help her enjoy the experience even more.  

Kissing is the Way to Great Sex  

While most men only consider kissing as the doorway to sex, for women, kissing is as important as any part of it. Therefore, to make sure that your escort is enjoying the experience as much as you are, make sure that you are not a lousy or boring kisser.  

If done right, kissing can arouse a woman enough. This will help you stand out among the rest of the customers and the escort might give you premium benefits that they do not usually provide. Practice the art of sensual and erotic kissing before meeting an escort to make sure you satisfy her as much as she satisfies you! 

Talk Dirty to Her  

Erotic and sensual talking is the key to arousing any woman before sex. Ask your escort if she is into dirty talk and lead the way to writhe her in pleasure and satisfaction. It is important to note that dirty talk isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and if done wrong, can lead the woman to feel creeped out instead of turned on.  

Therefore, it is important to research and rehearse beforehand if you do not have any idea what you are indulging yourself in. Try watching YouTube tutorials or reading erotic books, novels, and smuts to get an insight into dirty talking. Remember to stay confident and not get intimidated or nervous by the charm of adult search escorts.  

Give Importance to Foreplay 

The key to a heavenly sexual experience with a woman lies in foreplay. For a lot of women, foreplay is sometimes even more satisfying than actual sex. It provides intimacy and fuels up the sex, leading women to orgasm better. Therefore, how you play your foreplay game ultimately affects how happy and satisfied your escort is going to return home.  

This tip is extremely important to keep in mind whenever having sex with an escort, or anyone for that matter. Escorts are human beings and deserve to be treated like ladies. After all, there is nothing sexier than an escort. If you do not want to get blacklisted or rejected for future dates by an escort, do not push her boundaries or make her do something she isn’t comfortable doing.  

Not only is asking for consent the bare minimum, but checking up on her at every stage of the experience might just get you into her good books for future dates. At no point, do not force your escort into anything or you might get banned from the escort agency itself. Keep the meeting passionate and professional at the same time.  

Summing It Up  

These were a few tips that would certainly make an escort go crazy for you and would help you become her best client. If you are all set to book an escort and have the best night of your life, head over to Ladys.one and find a sexy escort from thousands of options!

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